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Line of t-shirts with historical prints

What do we know about history, heritage, and victories of our people? Not much, because most of it is hidden in the history books, which are, frankly speaking, are a bit dull for a majority. But this does not mean that all those events must be forgotten and left on the roadside of history, surely. They should be presented in a fascinating, interesting way, the way that could bring the knowledge to the masses.

Kruty t-shirt

And that's why we decided to start the 'Ukrainika' line. It's the project that tells people about major battles in Ukrainian history, where Ukrainians showed their courage, bravery and their will for victory. It's a reminder for everyone who forgot and whole new information for ones that didn't know about these battles.

Stylish prints on the t-shirt are a subtle way to remind once again about the glory days of Ukrainian history. On the front, there is a stylish print dedicated to the battle, and on the back, there's a print that tells its story. Shortly. Each t-shirt comes in the cool package and has more interesting historical info in the booklet inside it.

Ukrainika T-shirt pack

As the base for the prints, we decided to use our Punisher t-shirts, because they proved to be comfortable and durable. They are good both for sports and casual use. Natural cotton fabric does not cause allergy, rash or irritation. And flat seams totally kill any possibility of rubbing.

Grunvald t-shirt

All 'Ukrainika' t-shirts are proudly made in Ukraine. And you want one - you can order it on Ukrainika website, or contact us directly via email below.